Parent Arrested At Town Meeting for Questioning School Curriculum


Maryland parent was physically removed from meeting and charged with second-degree assault on a police officer after questioning “common core” a new federal curriculum.

Oh my, don’t question the authoritarians! I mean after all,  the government owns your kids not you, at least that is what they said on MSNBC. Things are getting way out of control. This father, Robert Small, was calmly questioning this new federal curriculum and like the Nazi’s that this nation is becoming demanded that he sits down and shuts his mouth. He continued with his questions and a security guard comes up to the father and starts shoving him like a bouncer dealing with a drunk at the bar. Other parents were trying to stick up for the father as he is getting tossed out of the meeting.

The father Robert Small said: “I want to know how many parents here are aware that the goal of the Common Core standards isn’t to prepare kids for full-fledged universities, it’s to prepare them for community college…..Parents, take control. We’re sick of this. This is not a CNN political game. This is a public town hall… Listen, don’t stand for this. You’re sitting here like cattle. You have questions. Confront them. They don’t want to do it in public…. Parents, you need to question these people….Do the research, it’s online.”

This is from the Examiner:

According to my conversation with Liz Bowie, a reporter for the Baltimore Sun, Mr. Small was arrested after being removed from the auditorium.

The video clearly shows that, if anyone was aggressive, it was the security guard, not Mr. Small. What may have happened out in the hall however, is unknown.

In the second video clip (click here), you can hear multiple parents call out how their question was not read and they were ignored.

There will be one more out of four Common Core meetings hosted by county school boards in Maryland. This one is on October 1 in Prince George’s County. Click here for more info.

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